Online Shopping in Nigeria - Prices and delivery in 2014

Online Shopping in Nigeria - Prices and delivery in 2014

We continue to revisit the discussion on how to shop online in Nigeria. The rate at which things are changing in online shopping in Nigeria warrants a constant revisit. It is all good news though. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when shopping online today in Nigeria:

It has become easier making purchases and paying online today than it was 12 months ago in Nigeria. Shops have many payment alternatives for shoppers to choose from. By now, you must have read that Paypal has entered the Nigerian market. It is now possible to make payments and be paid in Naira through Paypal. This makes things even easier for shoppers.

For Nigerians living overseas wanting to buy for example iPhone 5 or a Samsung Galaxy S5 for a family member in Nigeria, it is not unusual that many Nigerian shops say they cannot accept credit card from abroad. With Paypal payment method now possible in many shops there will be no more excuse for the payment not going through during purchase.

For those who are still sceptical about buying things online, the concept of paying cash on delivery guarantees that you pay only when you received and verify what you ordered.

Buying shoes, clothes and other fashion products are also easy. Of course shoppers want to make sure that the pump shoe, wedge shoe or the gown fits when they get it. There is a return policy in all online shops%u2019 policy. Before you place your order online, make sure you read the return policy. Compare that policy with those of other shops. It is not just enough with the lowest prices for the same product. Some shops have better return policies than others. Avoid shops that do not state clearly how many days you have to return the products and in what conditions the product can be returned. It is also very important that they state clearly what type of product cannot be returned and the condition that applies for that type of product.

Unknown to many Nigerian shoppers, it is safer to rely on the information and policies published on the website than to place a call to ask what applies. It is very important to avoid relying on telephone conversations with the company when placing your order. A staff might sweet-talk you into buying by stating what is not in the policy. Some staff may have sales targets to meet and may say all you need to hear just to make you place your order. You cannot use such word of mouth conversations as a reference or evidence. It is so easy to read through the shop%u2019s policy on its website.

Finally, always return to sites like to write a review of the products you bought and your experience at that shop. This is extremely important. It is the power the shopper has over the shop. No shop likes a bad review. A bad review scares off future customers and a good review wins them more customers. For this reason, shops will do all they can to keep you and other shoppers happy.

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