Merchant FAQs
How do I get started? What are the procedures?
How much does it cost to be a merchant?
How do we know which sales I make come through NgPricehunter.com?
Can I add the Sales-tracking-code myself?
So, what happens after a user comes through NgPricehunter and buys my product?
What if the sale I made turn out to be undelivered or returned due to false address?
If a merchant Declines or Approves a sale does he/she have to provide proof of transaction?
How do I pay the commissions I generated?
What happens when a merchant does not make sales after several months?
What is Featured Product?
What is Product of The Day?
What is Featured Shop?
Why does NgPricehunter offer extra services when all shops pay commission for sales anyway?
What is the amount of traffic at NgPricehunter.com?
Can NgPricehunter guarantee me sales?
How much do extra services i.e. Product of the Day, Featured Products, Featured Shop cost?
Why does NgPricehunter operate a Pay-As-You-Go method?
Can I visit your office?
Since Ngpricehunter's Sales tracker is cookies dependent, what is your cookies duration and how does this work?
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