Fridge Freezers price in Nigeria

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How to Buy Refrigerators Online in Nigeria

There are different kinds of refrigerators in the market in Nigeria today and knowing which to buy can be tricky. After reading this piece you will know some of the thing to consider before buying fridges online.

The most popular types of fridges in the market are the following:



 French Door Refrigerator

 The french door combine the side-by-side design at the top with the freezer below.





Side-by-side Refrigerator

As the name sugegests, we have the freezer and the fridge compartment side-by-side. In this design the freezer and the refigerator compartments are equal in size.



Top-mount freezer Refrigerator

This has been in the market for decades in Nigeria. It has the Freezer compartment door at the top





Bottom or Upside-down freezer Refrigerator

This design has the fridge at the top with a single door and the freezer compartment door below.




Freezerless Refrigerator

This is basically and refrigerator without any freezer. It is usually cheap and can be great as an extra if you already have a freezer at home.

How to choose the best refrigerator for your home

  • The size of your family should be one major factor to consider when choosing a refrigerator. The amount of things you will have in the fridge depends on the number of people in your family. The larger the family the bigger the fridge.

  • The space in your kitchen should also determine the refrigerator you buy. If there is already a predefined space for your fridge then you should find the refrigerator that fits into the space. Buying a fridge that is larger than the space you have you have can only lead to frustration.

  • Your choice should also be determeined by the purpose of your fridge apart from cooling your food products. If you are looking for aesthetics and beauty in a fridge than you should look at the design. You maywant your kitchen gadgets to have the steel colour and this will determine the color of the choice of your refrigerator.

Where to buy Refrigerators Online in Nigeria

A good start will be at the shops here at It is important to buy your refrigerator online from experienced and tested stores. There are many brands like Haier Thermocool, Scanfrost, Midea, Samsung, LG in the market and you can find these in shops like Jumia, Konga and others after comparing their prices here.

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